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eHUB is the University of Alberta’s entrepreneurship centre.  Offering resources, networking opportunities, and funding, eHUB offers members the unique opportunity to explore ideas that will transform into projects, initiatives and ventures. Once a student or student-team formally joins eHUB, they gain access to a vibrant entrepreneurial community at the University of Alberta.  The space, located at 9007 HUB Mall, is ideal for prospective entrepreneurs to work, collaborate, and connect with others.

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vrCave eHUB Ualberta

What’s vrCAVE up to?

SmartyPantz Edmonton and vrCAVE team up to launch Canada’s first full-scale Virtual Reality escape room

Space Station Tiberia allows four players to team up to solve puzzles in outer space

SmartyPantz Escape Rooms, working with local Edmonton tech start up vrCAVE, is…

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