Get to know CAHO

CAHO is marketplace platform for professional hours. The proposition is to create a place where professionals from different backgrounds, like engineers, project managers, actors and others can create an efficient profile. In this platform they would be open to share their knowledge or work in an alternative project, in a time range they feel comfortable, for an amount set by them. The initial market will be Canada and US, with scalable potential globally.

The system will allow professionals work their available hours for an hourly number of dollars they decide, in the area they have expertise, and organizations to publish projects that needs experts. The professionals will be the supply side of a solution to small/medium sized organizations that do not have money to hire a full-time employee, or just have a demand for a small project (e.g. 10 hours of an HR manager to screen resumes), that would not be fulfilled by external consultants, who usually require a minimum number of hours per project. Another possibility is for small business temporally substituting an employee that is not available. The professionals will be screened through their LinkedIn accounts and through professional references.

The Team:

Fernando H. Alves, Founder

MBA Candidate, University of Alberta

Fernando has nearly five years of diverse professional experience in economics and entrepreneurship, especially Social Impact Entrepreneurship, passionate by projects that demand innovative thinking and strategic mindset. He graduated in International Relations, pursuing MBA degree in the University of Alberta, creating a multi-optical approach to resolving different management issues. Has analytical and strategic mindset acquired by years of experience in managing roles that dealt with multiple stakeholders and required decisions in a pressure-driven environment. Creative and driven, skilled to think outside the box and to see patterns and links to create solutions in complex contexts.

Fernando was the Founder of ForCake – Social Impact Coffee Shop, incorporating social impact projects such as workshops for teenagers and charitable donations resulting from product sales. Business projects impacted directly more than 400 people and indirectly many others.