eCLUB’s Business at Breakfast – GfyCat

Join eCLUB for breakfast! 


Come join eCLUB on Tuesday, February 6th, for breakfast with Dan McEleney, co-founder of Gfycat. He will discuss his entrepreneurial journey in Edmonton. If you’re interested in entrepreneurship (and plan to start up your own business), make sure to come to this event!

About Gfycat

“The videos created and shared on the company’s site are not technically GIFS, but videos converted into a short shareable format. The difference allows for better quality and faster delivery. ‘It frees it up,’ said McEleney. ‘It’s 10 times faster than a GIF. It has millions more colours than a GIF would have, and that really opens up the worlds of GIFs to the mobile phone, and allows you not to waste your data.'” – CBC News, 2016