Get to Know Gomato

Gomato is a platform that enables shoppers to create personalized grocery baskets and meal plans from a selection of local stores and have those groceries delivered on demand.

Food is more than just a means of nourishment. In cultures all across the globe, cooking and eating together is a cherished practice among families and friends, an opportunity to share, celebrate, laugh, cry and make memories. We now live in an age where convenience and quick culinary solutions abound, but time becomes increasingly limited. We believe that time should not come at the expense of your health and relationships.

Gomato’s mission is to keep the global dinner table alive by providing fresh groceries delivered straight to your door and provide a digital environment for anyone from an amateur cook armed with a dorm room hot plate to a Red Seal chef to share their recipes and creations with millions of people all over the world.


The Team

Emmanuel Sackey – Chief Strategy Officer

Emmanuel leads our product strategy and marketing operations. He is involved in the planning product and feature development, marketing, and branding.

Tanay Seludkar – Chief Growth Officer

Tanay is our business development lead. He handles our vendor relations, partnerships, and overall communications with customers and retailers.

Darren Majak – Chief Information Officer

Darren handles our technological infrastructure ranging from database management to web and mobile platform development.

Shabeel Kandi – Chief Operations Officer

Shabeel runs Gomato’s operations and finance, which consists of planning our operations processes, logistics, and financial modeling.


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