ENACTUS Teams Heading to Nationals


Next week, from May 9 – May 11, 2017, the University of Alberta ENACTUS team will be heading to nationals to compete for the title of National Champions and have the opportunity to represent Canada on the global stage.

The competition takes place at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver, BC.

The ENACTUS UofA teams has been hard at work in the eHUB student office space and some members have found the eHUB space useful to use the space for their own ventures! eHUB offers travel grants and external program opportunities with some of our partner organizations. Students who display a strong work ethic and who show interest in entrepreneurship are rewarded for their dedicated approach to their ventures. ENACTUS teams also fall in this category. We’ve sent Project Managers to develop their speaking skills, their business plan writing skills and many more. We are looking forward to having some of our students in Vancouver next week! Good luck ENACTUS UofA!

ENACTUS teams include:


  • Joseph Momoh, Project Manager
  • Jesslyn Rosanna
  • Carmen Le
  • Rimshah Kamran
  • Leah Botelho
  • Kimberly Shen
  • Tammy Tran
  • Winis Huang
  • Jinah Yoon
  • Susie Kim
  • Karan Oberoi
  • Carmen Ma
  • Morgan Butler
  • Leah Arthur
  • Christina Gagne-Webb

Level Up

  • Makena Kigunda, Project Manager
  • Rachita Chugh
  • Julia Redl
  • Maitry Fiter
  • Christopher Donovan
  • Nuha Soliman
  • Brain Kim
  • Brandon Yip
  • Leah Botelho
  • Marcello Troncoso
  • Nobel Brar
  • Katherine DeCoste
  • Amy Trieu
  • Amin Hmaidan
  • Emily Venpin


  • Jit Patel, Project Manager
  • Harman Dhatt
  • Kiran Sokhal
  • Matthew Kieu
  • Peter Keith
  • Brandon Cunningham
  • Shirin Jong
  • Matthew Fung
  • Pierre Brunelliere
  • An Tran
  • Jenny Nguyen
  • Alex Lee
  • Stephanie Ai

For general media inquiries or requests for interviews please contact:

Brittney Roy, Marketing Lead at bkroy@ualberta.ca