What’s vrCAVE up to?

SmartyPantz Edmonton and vrCAVE team up to launch Canada’s first full-scale Virtual Reality escape room

Space Station Tiberia allows four players to team up to solve puzzles in outer space

SmartyPantz Escape Rooms, working with local Edmonton tech start up vrCAVE, is pleased to launch “Space Station Tiberia” a groundbreaking virtual reality escape room adventure. The first of its kind in Canada, Space Station Tiberia combines the adventurous, puzzling gameplay of escape rooms with cutting-edge VR technology which allows four players to work as a problem-solving team in a completely virtual world.

vrCAVE was founded just under 18 months ago by Tom Viinikka, Nathaniel Rossol, and Alexander Rossol. Last October they launched “Hospital of Horror,” the first multiplayer VR Haunted House in North America. Space Station Tiberia is the next evolution of their technology and game play and has been under development since January.

The task of the players is no less than to save Planet Earth from a giant meteor by reactivating Space Station Tiberia and using its weapons to destroy the meteor. The ship has been disabled, and many challenges stand between them and the salvation of the planet.

As a market leader in escape rooms, SmartyPantz was approached by vrCAVE to help them launch their next game, and blown away after playing a demo version of the VR adventure, they were excited to sign on.  “Virtual reality adds something brand new to escape rooms allowing players to visit environments that conventional rooms can’t reach like space,” said SmartyPantz founder Dan Civiero. “We were blown away when we demoed their technology and their well-thought out puzzles and we can’t wait to share it with Edmonton players.”

It’s only fitting that this new game is being debuted in Edmonton before being launched in cities in Western Canada and beyond. Not only is vrCAVE an Edmonton-based company, but the team members all met through the University of Alberta’s Ehub and were awarded the TEC VenturePrize Grand prize this past May.

“We’re really encouraged by the screams of joy and smiles on people’s faces as they’ve tried our VR experience” said vrCAVE co-founder Nathaniel Rossol. “People have told us several days later that they were still thinking about the experience and wanted to know how soon they could have their friends try it.”

Space Station Tiberia at SmartyPantz Edmonton will be available for public plays beginning on July 4th and will be introduced with a special VR+Classic combo offer of one SS Tiberia play and one classic escape room play for $50. The price to play the SS Tiberia only is $35 per person for 30-minutes of gameplay.

For more information and to reserve, visit www.smartypantz.ca or http://vrcave.ca