Preza Technologies

Preza Technologies

Preza is takes the latest innovations in materials science and bioengineering, combining them with recent advances in electronics, and building advanced sensors for underserved markets, both locally and globally. The first product is a temperature monitoring system for the restaurant industry.

They have used the latest developments in wireless technologies to design a remote temperature monitoring system, called the Preza T-Monitor, which has a one-step installation process with software tailored specifically for restaurants.

The Team:

Zack Storms, MBA Candidate, Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Storms, currently pursuing an MBA, holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and has over 10 years of experience researching and commercializing new technology. He leads business development at Preza as CEO.

Preetam Anbukarasu, PhD Candidate, Co-Founder, CEO

Preetam will be defending his PhD thesis in Materials Engineering this spring and will shift into a full time role heading up technology development at Preza.

The two founders have been working together as research partners for the past four years. In the last 12 months, they have explored various business opportunities before landing on the concept behind Preza Technologies.


May 2017  – TEC Edmonton VenturePrize Grand Prize for the Telus ICT category