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Most colleges and universities today make dedicated efforts to create a sense of community on campus. There are tens (or even hundreds) of clubs and organizations, a lively student union, sports teams to cheer for, and more. However, despite this promise of community on campus — community at universities ends at the classroom, and students are suffering academically as a result. Many students go through entire semesters without knowing or interacting with anyone else in their class, and hardly anyone asks questions in class – so students are stuck trying to keep up and figure everything out on their own. Seeing and experiencing this problem, we were determined to create a solution that helps students boost their GPA by fostering community within the classroom and making sure no student ever has to face the challenges of school alone.

Squire is a web and mobile platform that lets students collaborate and meet up with their classmates (whether they know them or not) using “virtual study tables”. Additionally, students can get help from peer tutors on-demand, and interact with their professors throughout the term.

Being students ourselves, we deeply understood the problem and we also knew we had the skills required to solve it. We hope to be the go-to location for any student to learn, collaborate, and make impactful connections with people at their school – and finally make the promise of community and a culture of academic support on campus a reality.


The Team

Peter Nsaka, Co-Founder

Having spent 2+ years as the founder of a startup that succeeded at providing technology solutions to leading universities in Canada, Peter is a resourceful and talented software developer with solid experience and expertise in full-stack web and mobile application development. Peter brings a substantial amount of experience in object oriented programming applied to building native iOS applications in Obj-C and Swift, building web applications in Node JS, Meteor JS & Angular JS. In the last few years, his team has successfully collaborated and worked with a handful of notable universities and organizations to make ideas become full-fledged products used by thousands.

Depinder Singh, Co-Founder

Depinder Singh is a University of Alberta graduate with a BCom. degree in Marketing. With a few years of experience at a number of startup companies, Depinder has an innate ability to conceptualize and orchestrate marketing campaigns that effectively reinforce and build brand images. He has proven his ability to drive record-high marketing campaign response rates and execute successful product launches.

Ruvie Eto, Co-Founder

Ruvie Eto is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from the University of British Columbia. Through a variety of engineering roles at large firms and in academia, Ruvie has been able to fine-tune his analytical skills. Although his love for numbers led him to pursue an Engineering degree, Ruvie has always had a passion for entrepreneurship. Since starting his first business at the age of 14, Ruvie has been involved in a leadership capacity in numerous not-for-profit and for-profit ventures.

Emmanuel Odeke, Developer

Emmanuel Odeke has IT experience in numerous areas of Software development. He has designed, developed and implemented major systems on a range of platforms including Windows, OSX, iOS, Cloud Computing (AWS) and Linux. He has also led small to medium size software development teams, delivering complex software on time and under budget. Over the years he has assumed a variety of software engineering roles at a handful of companies.