VR Cave

The Rossol Brothers – Alex and Nathaniel – along with recent co-founder Tom Viinikka and their intern, Nathan Doraty, are the creators of VR Cave, an up-and- coming virtual reality company that intends to take the world by storm with its innovative and affordable VR systems. Within a 5×5 meter room (“cave”), up to four users can participate in a virtual reality game while sitting in the same space. At this time, Alex, Nathaniel and Nathan are headed into territory relatively uncharted in Canada, and definitely uncharted in Edmonton. With the help of their VR headsets, they are looking to corner the market in the country, and ultimately take a huge global slice.

The Team:

Nathaniel Rossol
Nathaniel completed his PhD in Computing Science from the University of Alberta in 2015. His research focused on advanced interfaces for interacting between people and computers. Nathaniel has a passion for startups and has participated in 3 to date.

Alex Rossol
Alex has developed software systems for start-ups, government departments, and healthcare distributors. Along with his brother, he has embraced VR as a revolutionary new medium and has worked on several side projects while exploring the space.

Tom Viinikka
Tom has started successful businesses in the construction industry, in retail, in oilfield services as well as others. He brings to the team a strong financial and accounting background as well as a wealth of startup and operations management experience.

Website http://vrcave.ca/

Email info@vrcave.ca

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